The Finnish Endocrine Society

The Finnish Endocrine Society was founded in 1947. Our society welcomes both clinicians as well as researchers, nurses and students as their members. Among the clinicians, all aspects of endocrine disease are represented, i.e adult and pediatric endocrinologists, internists, surgeons, gynecologists, clinical chemists and colleagues working within the field of endocrine imaging. The Finnish Endocrine Society had 521 members in the beginning of 2018. The executive committee of the Finnish Endocrine Society has 12 members. The Finnish Endocrine Society arranges two yearly scientific meetings, the Endodays (2 ½ days) in late autumn, and a one-day scientific meeting preceding the business meeting of the Society, held in spring.  The Finnish Endocrine society is a member of the European Society of Endocrinology.

Endodays programme and registration information (in Finnish).

Spring meeting, programme and registration (in Finnish).

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The executive committee 2021-2022

Chair: Saara Metso

Vice Chair: Niina Matikainen

Secretary: Milla Rosengård-Bärlund

Treasurer: Otto Knutar

Other members: Noora Kotaja, Heidi Immonen, Reeta Rintamäki, Heikki Tokola, Tommi Hakala, Tiina Laine, Tanja Kuiri-Hänninen ja Varpu Jokimaa.