ESE Advocacy Representation Scheme (EARS)-yhteisö


European Society of Endocrinology:n (ESE) jäsenmaiden kansallisten yhdistysten kaikki jäsenet liitettiin ESE:n EARS-yhteisöön. Suomen Endokrinologiyhdistys maksoi tästä 2,5 e jäsenmaksun/jäsen ESE:lle.

Tarkoitus on lisätä tiedon kulkua eurooppalaisten endokrinologien kesken ja lisätä jäsenmäärän kasvun myötä vaikutusvaltaa EU:ssa. Kaikki Suomen endokrinologiyhdistyksen jäsenet voivat osallistua EARS yhteisöön. Lisätiedot ja ilmoittautuminen oheisen linkin kautta.

EARS:n viesti jäsenille:  

On February 15 the Parliament Magazine (a journal from and for the Members of the European Parliament but also other stakeholders in the EU environment) featured an article Here with MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (European People’s Party EPP – Finland) with the title: Hormones and COVID-19, an alarming link, and inspired by the ESE position statement published in summer 2020 (link here) .




ESE Advocacy Representation Scheme (EARS): March newsletter

Further to the successful launch of the ESE Advocacy Representation Scheme (EARS) in October 2020, we are asking you to keep supporting the EARS initiative by forwarding the March digital Newsletter to your members to encourage them to sign up to receive the newsletters directly.

Finnish Endocrine Society is an essential part of EARS' success, so please encourage your members to join the EARS community by forwarding the Newsletter to them, as it provides an extensive update on ESE’s latest policy and advocacy activities and key developments from the EU affecting endocrinologists and patients; including an informative article on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

ESE Advocacy Representation Scheme: March newsletter

Thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to welcoming your colleagues as members of this brand-new ESE Community.


Martin Reincke (ESE President-Elect)                     Anton Luger (ECAS Representative)

ESE Membership Committee Co-Chairs